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She’s been missing for 15 days now and I have moved from the house she ran out of. She has no one to come home to. I’ve tried everything: posters, fliers, social media, checking shelters, alerts, sprinkling dry cat food on the sidewalks, pet detective consultation, trapping, a trail cam, and there has been no positive sighting of her.


At this point my best option is hiring tracking dogs to locate where she is and after an unexpected move and holidays I don’t readily have the funds to pay for this expense ($598 for travel fee and $100 per hour for the tracking). Since it’s been so long it’s extremely important to locate my kitty as she may be very dehydrated and hungry if trapped somewhere.

I’m raising $2000 to cover the tracking dogs, imminent vet costs, and some of my income lost due to spending all of this time searching for her, and I’m making it worth your while! The Bring Pussy Home Fundraiser. Buy One Get One Free on everything I have to offer when the Cash App is used for your payment/donation. And more incentives as well! The picture below gives all of the details.

Please CLICK HERE NOW to contact me and get my cash tag and donate. If you don’t expect anything in return, thank you!! However I’m happy to spoil you with BOGO items and special treats for highest donation amounts.

My sweet 12 year old kitty and I appreciate it very much.

Check out the video I’ve made about this whole saga below as well.

When we get to $1000 I’ll be doing a special free live cam show on Spankchain, and when we make the whole $2000 I’ll be doing a second live show on Myfreecams!


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P.S. Time is really of the essence here since it’s already been 15 days. I need to track my kitty and get her to safety ASAP. Please donate as soon as you can if you wish to help so that I can schedule the tracking dogs. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME NOW TO DONATE AND BE REWARDED!!!

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Cyber Monday Deals!

My Black Friday deals are always a huge success. Why not extend them for Cyber Monday in case anyone missed out?  We call it CYBERSEX MONDAY! (Because we’re clever).

Sale will run until 11:59 PM PST.  


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It’s that wonderful time of year where you can get insane savings on all of my sexy offerings. See the details below!!

Click here now to contact me before 11:59PM PST 11/24/17 to take advantage of these awesome discounts!!

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Through the month of October SpankChain is holding a MODEL AND CUSTOMER referral program and both the referred and the referrer (is that a word?) get entered in the contest!

So if you’ve been wanting to join the SpankChain community and haven’t taken the leap yet, let me help you leap! I’ll show you the ropes, introduce you to the amazing owners and devs there (if you’d like), and get you started out! Whether you’re a curious customer or an eager performer, we can both bet entered in the contest.  There will be prizes are drawn at random and there will be one for a rerring model, a new model, and a new customer! 

Prize packages will include Spankchain swag, fun industry stuff as well as a new webcam for the models! All you need is one entry to have a chance the prize and it’s an awesome place to be so you’re already winning by joining! 

Are you completely new to Crypto and intimidated? Great! SpankChain is actually designed to help members and enjoyers of the adult industry ease into crypto, and the blockchain is a great place to be because within it we don’t have to worry about charge backs or payment processors dropping and refusing us. And customers you don’t have to worry about your jerk off habits being on your credit card statement, erroneous card holds or any of the bullshit that comes along with credit card payments. (psssst easier to keep under wraps from your partners if you need to…) 

And Spankchain pays out 95% PLUS you keep 100% OF YOUR TIPS, MODELS!!!!!

Check out my earlier blog post on what SpankChain is and why I love it here. Also check out this video of my interview with Allie Knox of SpankChain below. If you’re ready to get started, contact me and I’ll get you all set up and get you entered in the contest so you can start referring your friends too with a head start!

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Camgirl Adventures In Sleep

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This coming Saturday 9/22 from 7pm to 10pm Pacific on Spankchain I will be doing a special show with my partner, Rod Pierce, and 100% of our tips will be donated to Feeding America which benefits food banks all over the country! This helps people who are in need of food as well as relief for victims of Hurricane Florence.

Spankchain is the perfect place for me to do this because I get to keep 100% of my tips there. Every $1 that goes to Feeding America makes 10 meals possible AND every dollar that is donated to my campaign is being matched 100%!!! So this is not only going to be fun but it’s going to be a great way for you to give back. Rod and I will be doing lots of sexy and hilarious food stunts for tips and we’ll also have a sexy finale if we meet our goal!

Tips are in crypto, Ethereum specifically. And DON’T WORRY if you’re new. It’s super easy to get set up. Here are two links that will tell you how to both buy Ethereum and get your Spank wallet set up to be able to tip:

This is definitely something you don’t want to wait until the last minute to do since depending on what exchange you use there may be bank verification involved etc. So if you want to be able to tip Saturday GET SET UP NOW! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me so we can FEED SOME HUNGRY PEOPLE!!

You’ll be able to come see the show live Saturday 9/22 from 7pm to 10pm Pacific HERE!!