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Adult Entertainment and Covid

It’s been an interesting time for adult entertainers during the Covid lockdown and now as things are starting to open back up.

Different areas of the business have been effected in different ways. For example, the moratorium that was placed on porn shoots. This resulted in some not being able to work and some turning to indie porn to produce their own content for the first time.

I personally saw an increase in customers and new submissives coming to me. Everyone was a bit scared, lonely, and horny!

One area of the business that has unquestionably seen an increase in sales as well as new innovations is the sex toy and adult toy store segment.

While in some locales, brick and mortar adult stores were deemed non-essential and forced to close, like in Virginia for example, other places they were allowed to remain open, like we’ve seen in New Zealand and Australia.

The forced closing has brought about innovation in an adult retailer not far from my hometown. A week after their store was mandated to close its doors, they began with home deliveries. Imagine that! Butt plugs hand delivered right to your door from one of your favorite local sex shops.

Adult shops like this, whether the state governments agree or not, provide an important service in a time like this. They allow people sexual pleasure in a time during which we’re supposed to stay away from others. They also allow couples and those that are quarantined together to expand their sexual fun together. SEX IS ESSENTIAL.

Any adult retailer, Domme, camgirl, etc can be grateful for the increase in business during this time. While it’s been a time for adjustment in so many ways, I know I’m personally grateful to have had a spot in an industry that has not only kept me afloat, but has allowed me to provide others with companionship and an escape when it was badly needed.

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