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A Girl and Her Bong

I’d mentioned a while back my old bong breaking and needing a new one. I’d also mentioned that I had one on the way from hitman glass soon after, but I’ve slacked off on blogging about it since its arrived! I fucking love it man. It’s definitely the nicest piece I’ve ever owned. It hits really hard too. I reserve it for when I don’t have much to do ’cause I know how ripped it’s gonna get me haha!

I’ve taken some pics with it. If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are! I’ll probably make a video with it too soon… on a night that I don’t have much to do, hehe.

hitman 1hitman 2hitman 3hitman 4hitman 5hitman 6hitman 7hitman 8

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2 Responses to “A Girl and Her Bong”

  1. These photos are so extremely sexy. I think it would be beautiful if you made a video of you just sitting there getting stoned and enjoying life. Please please PLEASE!!!


  2. I’ve totally got “Bong hit video” on my to-do list LOL.

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