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Yes you read that correctly… 25.

It’s been some time since my last post. I have made a comeback as though nothing in 2020 even happened. I’ve been steadily producing new fun clips and it feels great.

25 is way to many to list out and describe in one blog post (although I love them all and want to gloat about them). Head to the following places instead where you can find them and peruse to your heart’s content. And don’t forget to buy… and jerk. Or not jerk. I’ll let you know in the clip.

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I’m a New Model on HerBicepsCams.com!

My muscle fetish content has been a favorite of mine and my fans for at least 2 years now. I have a lot of fun with it so I was stoked to learn of the site HerBicepsCams.com. It’s been around for some time and had I known, I would have joined sooner!

Yes I know, I produce clips more than I cam these days, but ALL of my muscle videos will be there too. So if you are a member, check out my video store. Join my fan club too so you can get announcements of those rare and exciting occasions where I actually cam!

Become a better submissive, thanks to me.

I have created Goddess Roselynn’s Guide to Being a Great Subsmissive. You can find this in PDF, video, and audio format.

Let’s face it: some of you are great subs, some of you could use some work and training, and some of you just fucking suck. Where exactly do you stand? No matter where you rate on the sub scale, and no matter who you serve, you can benefit from this guide.

I teach you the fundamentals of servitude. Prime yourself to approach me or another Domme, or brush up on your BDSM knowledge to improve yourself for your Master.


It’s kind of mind blowing looking at the date on my laptop while writing this. 8/21/2020. Where has the year gone? What the fuck is going on? lol

I am starting to feel like I can get back into the swing of things. Meaning shooting clips regularly, posting on social media consistently, and FINALLY getting my new bootyshaking site up (coming soon). But I also feel like I could be blindsided by anything at any moment to throw everything out of wack again. I never stopped, clearly. I’ve been here all year doing what I can, and enjoying it, but it’s felt strained in a way.

The positive is I AM feeling good, productive, and happy with my work here right now. So let’s talk about that!


Pantyhose lovers are in luck this week! I’ve uploaded 3 new topless pantyhose tease clips with some really interesting nylon garments!

Over the Chest Shiny Pantyhose Tease

I love these super shiny over the chest pantyhose. They’re made to fit over my big perfect boobs and are completely sheer and gusset-less. That makes your cock twitch doesn’t it? Sit back and take in this sensual video while I tease you into a trance with my sexy legs, ass, tits, pussy, feet, and toes. See how long you can make that pantyhose addicted cock last while you watch me. I bet it won’t be long.

Sheer Toe Glove Pantyhose Goddess Tease

How do you feel seeing my toes wiggle. Each perfect toe encased in nylon. My sheer nude toe glove pantyhose covering my long, sexy legs. My big tits and pretty pussy. It’s a lot to take in isn’t it? Makes you want to devote everything to me doesn’t it? I think you should. Worship my gorgeous toes and feet. I’m your pantyhose Goddess.

Shiny Pantyhose Dress Tease

Wearing a long sleeve, full length, very tight, shiny, nude colored long sleeve dress with bare feet I seductively tease you on the hotel bed. The dress is so tight I can barely separate my legs. It’s sheer to you can see my pretty tits, ass and pussy underneath. When I move a certain way my pussy disappears and reappears teasing your cock. You won’t be able to hold in that load of yours while you ache and jerk for my perfect body. 

You can find all three of these clips for download in the following places or you can contact me to purchase directly:

Subscribers of my OnlyFans and AVN Stars always get a discount on my full length clips! Join now so you don’t miss out on this.


#1: I recently shot a great custom for a great customer. It was a nude workout and tease video where I do a booty focused kettlebell routine. It was really hot and I actually got really wet during it! Keep an eye out for this video in the coming week.

#2: As you have all noticed, much to our dismay, Shakinit fucking disappeared some time last year. All of those years of work and hudreds of bootyshaking videos (thousands between all of us girls) gone! Just kidding they’re not completely gone 😛 At least not mine. Does that make you feel better? I figured it would.

I’m going to bring all of those hot videos back AND MORE on MY NEW BOOTYSHAKING SITE ROSELYNNLOCKSSHAKINIT.COM!!

This will be an even BETTER version of what we had before because I have far more capability as far as posting goes and fans will be able to interact with me so much easier! It’s on a great subscription platform (JustForFans). I’ve had the page for a while and wasn’t sure what to do with it until the Booty angels came down from twerk heaven to whipser the idea into my ear.

Now is a great time to join because in the coming days I’ll be adding both new bootyshaking content and adding all of those classics that you loved so much.

It feels great to make 2020 the year of the BOOTY… instead of the year of pure shit.

It’s been an interesting time for adult entertainers during the Covid lockdown and now as things are starting to open back up.

Different areas of the business have been effected in different ways. For example, the moratorium that was placed on porn shoots. This resulted in some not being able to work and some turning to indie porn to produce their own content for the first time.

I personally saw an increase in customers and new submissives coming to me. Everyone was a bit scared, lonely, and horny!

One area of the business that has unquestionably seen an increase in sales as well as new innovations is the sex toy and adult toy store segment.

While in some locales, brick and mortar adult stores were deemed non-essential and forced to close, like in Virginia for example, other places they were allowed to remain open, like we’ve seen in New Zealand and Australia.

The forced closing has brought about innovation in an adult retailer not far from my hometown. A week after their store was mandated to close its doors, they began with home deliveries. Imagine that! Butt plugs hand delivered right to your door from one of your favorite local sex shops.

Adult shops like this, whether the state governments agree or not, provide an important service in a time like this. They allow people sexual pleasure in a time during which we’re supposed to stay away from others. They also allow couples and those that are quarantined together to expand their sexual fun together. SEX IS ESSENTIAL.

Any adult retailer, Domme, camgirl, etc can be grateful for the increase in business during this time. While it’s been a time for adjustment in so many ways, I know I’m personally grateful to have had a spot in an industry that has not only kept me afloat, but has allowed me to provide others with companionship and an escape when it was badly needed.

Here I am, sitting on my couch watching Tiger King on Netflix while working from home, like the rest of the country and much of the world find themselves doing today because of Coronavirus. I’ve been working from home for almost 10 years however, this is nothing new for me. May 11 in fact is my 10 year cammiversary.

Wow, I had no idea what about going to happen 10 years later… what we’re experiencing is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in this country before.

I’ve been meaning to write this article since about the time things really started to get crazy, and it’s taken on a whole new life. I wanted to write about the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator, and about being in the camming business for the past 10 years and how the hitachi was such a huge part of that.

Now, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis and hysteria, it’s become a tribute. An ode to the true, unsung hero of the fight against the invisible enemy, the Hitachi.

I mean think about it. Everyone is at home more right now, alone more, and if they’re smart, camming more. Imagine how much Hitachis are being used. Imagine the loneliness, boredom, and sexual frustration these workhorses are relieving right now. And the money being generated to keep our precious world economy going.

That’s right, world economy. It’s not just America that’s struck by the virus right now and fighting it with our Magic Wands. Australia is another place in the throes of Covid who also loves this wonderful toy. You can tell by this review of the Australian version of the Hitachi magic wand which is very appropriately called OZ Magic Wand.

How many other countries are buzzing with aptly named hitachi’s right now while we “socially distance” and wonder when this will all be over. The sheer amount of masturbation that must be going on around the globe is daunting, and exciting, and honestly a lot more fun when you have the right toy. Not to mention lucrative.

10 years camming in May. I’m so fortunate to have work throughout all of this, and I’m fortunate to the Hitachi that buzzed my pussy through many of those years. 

I’m actually auctioning off my hitachi soon.  Keep an eye on my ebanned page for its listing. It’s not my very first one, but it’s the second! Perhaps it will help you through these strange times, no matter where you are in the world.

The  AVN Adult Entertainment Expo and AVN awards are happening again in January in Vegas!!

You all have been so awesome at nominating me for YNOT Cam Awards. Let’s try for an AVN this time! 

You’ll have to act fast because November 3 is the last day for nominations! 

You’ll need a free AVN Stars account. If you don’t already have one, create on here. 

Next, click here to nominate me for the following categories:
  • Favorite Domme
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  • Indie Clips Star

You can nominate me daily!  Thank you so much for your support!

As you should know, I’m a finalist for the YNOT Cam Awards on August 7th in Hollywood. Nominated for Best Fetish Model! My fiance Rod Pierce is also nominated for Best Emerging Cam Star. I am also a speaker at #Cammunity the days leading up to the ceremony. So that means I’m on my way to LA!

That also means LA hotel content! I’ll be shooting two videos while there and am also taking custom orders to shoot from the room.

  • $15 for one video
  • $30 for both
  • $300 for customs

These video pre-orders are helping cover the expenses of the trip as well as the generous tributes and reimbursements I’ve been receiving.

The first two pre-orders get to choose the themes of the videos from the following:

  • Muscle fetish and flexing
  • Cuckolding
  • Panties
  • Financial Domination

I’m truly blessed with great submissives and fans that have been contributing to my trip in a big way. Here are the expenses that are left at the time of this post. Contact me to tribute or put in a pre-order or any other kind of order (panties, audios, chat sessions, pre-scheduled cam session) and let me know you’d like it to go toward my trip!

Thank you as as always for the support that’s allowing me to have this amazing opportunity.

Thank you all so much for suggesting me for a YNOT Cam Award. It paid off!! I’m a finalist for Best Fetish Model!

Equally exciting, my fiance Rod Pierce is nominated for Best Emerging Cam Star (Man).

Please vote for us both DAILY by going to VoteRoselynnLocks.com!

Set up your YNOT ID once and you can vote every day after that!

It will be incredible to be called up to that stage in August!

The YNOT Cam Awards are happening again this August 7th in Hollywood! Last year you all got me nominated for Most Creative Model.

This year I wanna take an award home with me!

Please go to VoteRoselynnLocks.com and suggest me for the following three categories:

  • Best Fetish Model
  • Most Creative Model
  • Multi Platform Master

Be sure to enter my email address: roselynnlocks@gmail.com when entering your suggestion.

It will be amazing to win an award this year! Thank you so much for your support!

Last weekend on May 11th I celebrated my 9 year anniversary in the adult entertainment business as a cam performer, clip producer, worn panty provider, phone sex operator, educator, and the many other hats I wear happily.

It’s a amazing to have stuck around this long through the ups and downs, through the uncertainties, through full time college and graduation. It’s also amazing to have been supported by so many of you for so long, and I’m grateful for that. Some of you made me feel very special on my day and I appreciate that very much. Tributes and gifts are still welcome if you happened to miss the occasion (hint, hint).

A short time before my cammiversary, about a a couple of weeks I think, I learned of something that had happened. It was something that I was afraid had happened, and that I was trying to find out if had happened. I learned that my friend Green Eyed had passed away, and that it had happened almost two years ago in the Spring of 2017.

If you have been following me for some time you’d know that we were friends. You can see evidence of that on this very site. In fact as I’m writing this I’m noticing that I still have her banner up on my advertising page and it’ll be taken down by the time this is published, since that website is no more.

She was an amazing performer. She was an inspiration to many. She was legitimately mesmerizing to her many fans and followers, and her colleagues alike. She and I shared a lot of laughs and a lot of frustrations.

I remember when she quit her regular job to do adult work full time. I remember when she wanted to start on Streamate and she asked me for tips, Niteflirt too, and man did she take off. Top model on Streamate almost immediately it felt like. She had a gift. She was the self proclaimed “Money Magnet”!

She was an amazing booty shaker! She won countless contest on Shakinit. She was who inspired me to get into booty shaking and to have my own Shakinit site. I enjoyed being alongside her in contests, sometimes placing just behind her.

She had guts. She was not afraid to charge what she felt she deserved. She inspired me in that respect. She inspired me back when we were just taking off, she inspired me while I was wondering about her well being, and she continues to inspire me. She always will.

She was from my hometown, and she moved back here a few years back. We never got together. You know those justifications for not getting together with people? Those were definitely used. Then I basically took a break from camming for a couple of years. I wasn’t very in touch with what was going on with other girls. I had no idea in fact when it came to her. I knew that she had gone through a really tough time in Cali which brought her back here, that she said she wanted to stay away from adult work possibly, and then I saw her on Streamate and chatted with her briefly. I could tell that she wasn’t in a good place still.

Fast forward to late 2017. I was getting my legs back in clips and camming. I noticed that she wasn’t on Twitter anymore and that some of her stuff wasn’t up anymore. Her wishlist seemed to be gone, but her blog still up. her clips stores still up. Her Shakinit still up. I had no definite way to contact her. I thought maybe she had gotten more stable, decided to retire. Maybe she got another job somewhere here in town. I wondered if I’d bump into her. I wondered if we’d get together finally now that we were both in a good place. I wondered if I had spotted her at the store when I saw someone who looked like her.

Very recently here in late 2018, early 2019 I started to ask around to fellow performers if they knew what happened to her or knew what she was up to. No one did. And finally in April of this year I decided to try her email. I sent a message on April 11, exactly a month before my cammiversary that read this:

Subject: Are You Out There?


I wanted to send you a message on the off chance that you might still check this email. I hope you’re doing well I think about you often! I took a break from camming for a couple years and have gotten back to it and you always inspired me. I still draw on that. 

And I hope your new life is awesome. I hope you’re well. I know you had a very rough patch. Are you still in town?

Love you girl,


I didn’t really expect to hear back.

About a couple of weeks later Goddess Marley put out a string of tweets, one of which I saw because someone else happened to retweet it and say how sad it was, and how everyone should read it. I read “Goddess Green Eyed” in it, and my heart dropped to my stomach.

She wasn’t living her new great life. I wasn’t going to bump into her. We weren’t going to get together so I could tell her how funny I thought that my muscle content was doing so well and that it reminded me of her every time I did it.

She took her own life in early 2017. Her rough patch continued until it consumed her, and I had no idea.

Goddess Marley began to work to have some of her stores closed down and I’ve continued to carry that out. I’ve also reached out to her family to make sure that her business is all closed up in the proper way. I’m fortunate to have known her work very closely and to know how to get in touch with them to do so. I feel like it’s the very least I can do. I couldn’t fix things for her. I couldn’t be there for her the way she needed someone to be. I can at least do this for her, since she can’t.

She was beautiful, she was kind.

She’s now a true deity, a Goddess.

Worship her as the amazing being that she is, or respect her as the mortal human. The woman that wasn’t immune to the same problems that we all have. The same breakdowns in communication. The same misunderstandings. The same insurmountable obstacles to happiness and stability and peace. The daughter.

She was my closest camgirl friend. She might always be, but maybe not. Either way I’m thankful for her, and I’m thankful for you all.

Thank you for supporting me, and if you supported her, thank you for that as well.

Seriously, it’s THAT good.

When you join my premium Snapchat, or my Fancentro Fanclub, both found HERE, you’ll get a golden ticket to win a Lamborghini Urus with EVERY $69 YOU SPEND ON ME. Pretty sweet deal right?

And to show my appreciation I’ll also give you a FREE VIDEO OF YOUR CHOICE. With every purchase or renewal during the contest period which ends October 10th, 2019.


Find out more about the contest here.


I’ll see you there!