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All I Want For Valentine’s Day…


Valentine’s Day is coming up and some of you have been wondering what kind of gifts I’d like to get (you guys are so sweet). So I thought about it. ¬†You all know that my bong died an untimely death and I’ve since been smoking out of apples:

Well that’s cute and fun and all, but if you’ve ever done it you know it’s not ideal. I haven’t been able to justify the expense lately, but I have picked out a bong that I’d like to get. It’s not super fancy, and it’s not super expensive. It’s pretty much exactly what I need.

It’s only going to be about $81 with shipping! So here’s the deal…

Contribute $20 or more to my Alertpay account (send it to roselynnlocks@gmail.com), and you get a very naughty personlized valentine from me on Feb 14th, plus any video or pic set of your choice (right away). See what I currently have to offer. It’s a win/win! You get sexy stuff and I get a new bong!

Of course, if you prefer not to buy me drug paraphernalia (haha) you can buy me an emailed amazon gift card or a gift from my wishlist valued at $20 or more and get the same special V-Day treatment.

Gifts and contributions less than $20 will still get you the naughty valentine, but will not qualify for a video or pic set.

So there ya go! <3

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2 Responses to “All I Want For Valentine’s Day…”

  1. an I would have thought you would have wanted a hookah

  2. Nah just give me a regular old bong and I’m happy.

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