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Two Days Left! So Many Things to Win!

Once again you guys have just been great in helping me out. Two more days left in MyPornProfile’s Pic-a-Day contest. I’m dying to know who the winner is!! It’s been so much fun. Keep retweeting those pics, guys!!

Two days ago I set a goal of 50 tweets and offered my shower video as a prize. You all surpassed that goal and @mfcpika was the lucky winner of the drawing. If we reach 50 tweets on my next two pics on either day, I will draw again for the video. That’s two more chances to win a naughty video, a chance at a 20 minute private show with your favorite cam slut (moi), and a shot at a naughty pic set. SO MANY REASONS TO RETWEET THOSE PICS!! For more details on the contest click here.

I am truly grateful for your support. I <3 my fans so much 🙂 Here are some more of this week’s sexy pics. Click on them to view them on my profile and click ‘tweet’ to vote for me!!

I’ll be camming tonight!! To find out how to purchase a show click here.

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