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Thank you all so much for suggesting me for a YNOT Cam Award. It paid off!! I’m a finalist for Best Fetish Model!

Equally exciting, my fiance Rod Pierce is nominated for Best Emerging Cam Star (Man).

Please vote for us both DAILY by going to VoteRoselynnLocks.com!

Set up your YNOT ID once and you can vote every day after that!

It will be incredible to be called up to that stage in August!

The YNOT Cam Awards are happening again this August 7th in Hollywood! Last year you all got me nominated for Most Creative Model.

This year I wanna take an award home with me!

Please go to VoteRoselynnLocks.com and suggest me for the following three categories:

  • Best Fetish Model
  • Most Creative Model
  • Multi Platform Master

Be sure to enter my email address: roselynnlocks@gmail.com when entering your suggestion.

It will be amazing to win an award this year! Thank you so much for your support!

I’m so honored and excited to be nominated for Most Creative Cam Star!!

This is the first industry award I’ve ever been nominated for so this is a huge deal for me. The awards will be held in Hollywood in the fall and I’ll be getting the red carpet treatment out there! 

Thank you so much for nominating me!! Now I need your votes!!

In order to vote for me, go to VoteRoselynnLocks.com and create a YNOT ID.  You can then vote for me ONCE DAILY at that URL. Voting ends late September.

There are many categories to vote for your favorite performers in.  Scroll down to Most Creative Cam Star in order to cast your vote for me. It’s just me and 4 other performers in the category!!

Do you think I’m creative? Yeah.. me too 🙂