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Redhead Day 2011!

It’s that wonderful time of year again.  Yeah it’s Labor Day weekend, but it’s also Redhead Day weekend!  Redheads don’t just get one day, they get two! Redhead Day is celebrated September 3rd & 4th this year.  There is a huge celebration in Breda, Netherlands.

Everyone enjoy your long weekends and end the summer with bang.  Have cookouts and have fun with your friends and family.  But most importantly, honor your fellow ginger.

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Wolvie and Spidey know what’s up:

Redhead Day

So apparently Labor Day isn’t the only thing to celebrate this weekend. Redhead Day will also be celebrated in Breda, Netherlands. Here’s an excerpt from the official site:

Thousands of redheads from all over the world will get together in Breda! Some of you will even enjoy a whole weekend here. Walking in the middle of all these redheads is really something special. Redhead Day will take place in the whole city centre of Breda and the opening is at 12.00 at the big square (Grote Markt). Right after the opening on the Grote Markt you just follow all the redheads to participate in several artistic group photoshoots. There are about 50 other activities: individual photoshoots, a fashion show, lectures about red hair, and much more! On the 4th of September there will also be some activities to meet other redheads and to explore the city of Breda.

Mmm thousands of redheads. What a dream come true right? Haha. I can’t believe I’m 25 years old and I’ve never once heard of this.

So while you’re squeezing in that last bit of summer fun over the weekend, remember to honor your fellow ginger. Let them know how much you appreciate the expression of their recessive genes.

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