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Crypto Payments

Want to pay me in crytpo?

New to crypto and not sure where to start? Contact me and I’ll help you! 

Major benefits to crypto payments for you:

  • It’s discreet! No company names on your credit card statment. No company names at all!
  • No banks to deal with so no worries about unwarranted card holds/declines
  • No personal or credit card info exchanged at all. Completely anonymous.

These are my Ethereum and Bitcoin addresses to send payment to:

  • Ethereum (ETH): 0xd2Feea8e9cDf6935Bfa0FaC1a2011225E5F1Ea14
  • Bitcoin (BTC): 17685Uvs7NESvVD74MjeqeK38xUrKBRRq6

Contact me to discuss pricing.


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