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Mistress Roselynn is the real deal. She has taken over my life and treats me like the loser i am. she's the very best out on the net. it's an absolute honor to be her property.
whiteshadow, Under Mistress Roselynn's heel

i concur with EACH review stated below me.
elijah, ^

I am a long time "friend" of Rosie's and I felt I owed her a glowing review. I think the best possible thing I can say about her is that she is "real". There is nothing fake or acted or contrived. She is the girl you want to meet at a bar and hang out with. She is also the girl you want to go to home to at the end of a stressful day. She is everything and then some. A cam show with her is an ability to be yourself without being judged for why you are the way you are. It is an ability to relax and enjoy the honest company of a beautiful woman who makes you feel good about yourself and will go to any and all means to make you happy. Rosie, I love you.
D, in Mommy's room

I saw Roselynn on the ELM Avenue show and her youtube video in which dances to a Radiohead song. I e-mailed her to make a custom video and it was fantastic! She's a hipster, cute, and sexy at the same time and knows exactly how to make a custom video. She's normally very prompt with responding to e-mails and really enjoys being sexy. I am interesting in contacting her again for other videos.

Roselynn is absolutely amazing great body great girl great personality.
mark, Toms River, New Jersey

Roselynn is the ideal dream girl! So glad I found you on the net! Cant wait to hear your blogs and sexy stories... CS
Capt. Skinoo, San Diego

WOW! On top of being sexy as hell, she has become a great friend. Anyone that can put up with me has to be a one of a kind girl. You can't go wrong hanging out with Rose.
N Decent, VA

Very hot show, very hot body.
Thomas Shea

Great to talk to, kind and easy going. Oh, and pretty sexy too! I can't say enough good things about her, or suggest you give her a shot any more strongly! she really is a genuinely amazing person.

One sexy girl cant wait to see her panties, but she dose one good webcam
Shane, Visalia, CA

Roselynn isn't just a wham bam girl, she's truly engaging and genuine. Chatting with her won't just get you going but she'll make you laugh, have fun, and really enjoy it beyond the hard body, great boobs, awesome smile, and endlesss orgasms. Certainly has kept me coming back for more.

I just did a Skype call with Roselynn and I am hooked on her. She is a sweet, nice woman and so sexy and pretty and really knows how to talk to a guy. I plan to speak with her often and wow does she have sexy lingerie and a smile and a voice that will slay you-thanks Roselynn for being so sweet...I am packing my bags and moving East to be near you !!!
jeff, Los Angeles, Ca..

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