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Panty Store Changes and the Like

Thank you to everyone who has entered my free cam show giveaway.  As I type this there is about 2 hours left to enter.  Feels good to give away shit 🙂

Thank you also to everyone who has been vote for me in the Best Bewbies Contest.  Please continue to do so daily!  Contest is going until the end of the month.

I spontaneously decided that my used panty prices and shipping rates needed an overhaul so I made some big changes in my panty store!  I’ve now got a much wider range of pricing options and you can get a pair of my worn panties for as cheap as $25!  I’ve also got a very cheap international shipping option that I didn’t offer before.  I’m really excited about the changes!  I’d love to hear what you think so check out the store and let me know.  I’ll be adding lots of pretty new panties very soon.

I’ve got another busy week ahead of me with some fun school stuff.  Looking forward to having some fun with my classmates this week in some outside of school activities.  School is really going great man. I love it.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and the Super Bowl and all that shit.  Come see me this week on cam!  Here’s a teaser from my newest booty shaking vid on Shakinit.

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  1. Glad to hear school is going well!

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