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One Year Ago Today…

I had my new cam, my outfits, and my toys all ready. I had gone through all of the sign up procedures for the sites I wanted to work on, scoured forums and cam girl advice websites. I had practiced putting on my makeup & dancing seductively. I had my extensive background music playlist all carefully put together and ready to go. I signed on to MFC for the first time, and just like that, I was officially a cam girl. I remember my first customer. He tipped me to take off my top then immediately took me for my first private. He loved redheads. Fun times.

I’m feeling pretty nostalgic since today marks exactly one year as a cam girl for me. I’m thankful to all of the ladies who inspired me and gave me advice/answered my newbie questions. I’m also thankful that I can provide that kind of help to other girls now.

I’ve met so many awesome men and women and have made some really cool friends. Have learned so much about myself & my sexuality, about business, about human nature.

Just want to send a big thank you to everyone who’s been a part of my career throughout this time. In the biggest and smallest of ways. The good and the bad. This is the best job I’ve ever had.

I thought I’d post one of my old pics. This is one of the shots I used for my cam site applications. It’s part of the very first set I ever shot for camming.

Happy Cammiversary to me!!

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