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Oh Noes!! My iPod Died!!!

Tragedy just struck.  My old ass iPod has stopped working.  I can’t play music on cam!!! If you know me, you know this is serious, lol.  My stupid ass laptop doesn’t allow me to run iTunes and cam at the same time 🙁 I’m going to have to get a new iPod immediately! If you’d like to help me out with an Amazon gift card it would be very much appreciated!! I’ll definitely give you something in return to make it worth your while! Rosie can’t cam without her music!!!!

Gift cards should be emailed to roselynnlocks@gmail.com

Thank you!!!

Oh and I came in 3rd in the costume contest!! Yayy!!!! Thanks so much to everyone who voted. You’re the bestest!!

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2 Responses to “Oh Noes!! My iPod Died!!!”

  1. I feel your pain! My iphone was stolen and I was utterly lost without the music. I tried playing cd’s but some skipped and it just wasn’t the same.

    By the way, I switched my blog link if you get around to updating it. Sorry for the hassle. It’s now http://blog.averyxxx.com

  2. I went out and got a new nano the next day, haha! I love it! But yea free chat just doesn’t work for me without music. Changing the link is no hassle at all I’ll do it right now. Thanks for letting me know!

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