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Naughty School Girl Pics

I dressed up very naughty school girl-ish last night by request for a custom video I shot. I don’t dress up near enough so I took a few sexy pics while wearing the outfit. I wanted to post them here for your viewing pleasure 😉

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend. Mine’s been pretty awesome and there’s still a bit left. Friday night hung out with my best friends, which is pretty much what I look forward to all week! Then yesterday I went to a wedding reception and got to hang out with lots of family. That was also very nice. Aside from doing a bit of work related things I’m gonna hit the tanning bed later and hopefully squeeze in some more bestie time.

I’ll be camming tonight 11pm to 3am EST. You can grab me for a Skype show or catch me on Streamate & AdultWork.

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