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I’m on Webcams.com!

I decided to try out a new cam site, Webcams.com! Way back before I had even gotten on cam for the first time I wanted to get on board with this site. I’d heard some many good things about it but for some reason every time I tried to sign up, it didn’t work, so I gave up. Ha! Well being the busy bee I am, I’ve finally created a profile and plan to be spending lots of time there. Check it out and sign up! There are tons of other gorgeous girls there for you to play with even when I’m not online.

It’s been a week since I’ve posted a blog so I should update yas.  Trip out of town over the weekend was short and sweet and incredibly boring. I picked up some kind of stomach flu or food poisoning or something and was sick from Sunday until Tuesday afternoon. I’m feeling much better now though. This weekend I plan to go to a comic convention here in town, check out the local zombie walk, and have some beers with my best friend. I can’t friggin’ wait.

I plan to cam tonight, tomorrow night, and Sunday nights.

It’s a beautiful Thong Thursday! Enjoy my booty!

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