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I’m a Shakinit Girl!!

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve been approved to be a model on Shakinit.com.  I’ve always loved to dance so it’s been a blast for me making videos for my profile. I was going to shoot 8 videos last night but ended up shooting like 10 or 11 cause I was having so much fun! After I’ve gotten enough content up my site will launch.  You can check it out now, but I hardly have any content up, and I’m not taking members yet. There are some teaser vids though!

I’ll be adding new content for my members weekly.  In addition to nude and non-nude dance videos I’ll have solo masturbation vids, vlogs, and whatever other kind of videos I can come up with!

I’m stoked to have a members site finally.  I hope you guys are pumped too!!

I mentioned my plans to go hiking in my blog post last week.  The trip was so much fun. It was a little crowded where we went which was annoying at times, especially when we were trying to smoke a bowl, but it was beautiful, and a great workout. I’m absolutely hooked on hiking now. We’re squeezing in another trip next weekend before it gets too cold.  As long as there’s not a lot of snow on the mountain we’re checking out this time. I’ve got some hiking sticks on my wishlist that I’d really like to have before I go. If you’d like to get them for me I’ll make it worth your while. 🙂

Oh my god, Radiohead.  They announced the first leg of their 2012 tour.  I tried for pre-sale tickets yesterday morning but tickets for the show I want to go to sold out before I could grab some.  It was tough, they didn’t announce what time exactly the pre-sale would start, just “am EST”, so I stayed up all night pretty much, setting my alarm for every hour.  In the end it turned out I was refreshing the wrong page to get tickets ’cause that part wasn’t totally clear to me either. I probably would have gotten some otherwise cause I wasn’t that late, but oh well.  I’m shooting for the general sale Saturday.  Kinda nervous about it!!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long.  I have a feeling I’ll end up going to two shows at least, because if they have northeast dates that’s going to be closer and there’s now way I could miss out!

2012 is going to be a great fucking year. For so many reasons.

I’ll be camming tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday nights.  Saturday night I’ve got a birthday shindig to attend. Cam with me on Skype, Streamate, or AdultWork 11pm to 3am EST!

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