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I Should Blog Today

Today’s a good day to post a blog. Haven’t blogged since my cammiversary. Don’t have anything too exciting to write about today. Had a pretty nice weekend. Went and hung out with an old friend on Saturday night for a birthday celebration. That was pretty cool. I’ve known this girl since I was like 10 and we don’t hang out as much nowadays. It’s always like old times when we do though. I actually hadn’t told her about my camming yet so I ‘came out’ to her that night and it went very well. She told me she would never pass judgement on me and I thought that was pretty awesome. What a blessing to have true friends like that.

Last night I was supposed to hang out with my cousin which I always look forward to but some BS came up and we couldn’t chill. So instead I stayed home, watched movies, and got a little tipsy. Not quite as fun but still enjoyable. I caught a few movies this past week that I had wanted to for a while and just hadn’t. I watched The Virgin Suicides (twice), Precious, & Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I liked them and recommend each of them. 🙂

Found a bloody mary recipe that I’m eager to try out. I’m always reluctant to buy bloody mary mix ’cause they’re all different and I never know if I’m going to like one or not. So I’ll just make my own! I make everything else from scratch why not those as well. Fuckin’ love bloody marys! I’m sure you’ll definitely see a tweet soon letting you know how that goes. I’ve also been drinking the hell out of some white russians. Yum.

My schedule is a little different again this week. I’m working Monday through Friday nights and taking Saturday and Sunday nights off. Saturday night I’m going to another burlesque show here in town which is guaranteed to be an awesome time. Then Sunday afternoon I have my first burlesque class!!

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