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I Don’t Have a Title

But I do have eczema and hives. If you’ve noticed I’ve been scarce this week that’s why. The godamn eczema is on my hands and the hives have been all over. They suck, and they’re stress related. You know why? ‘Cause I have too much shit to do and I don’t feel like doing it and I’m broke and I have school starting up soon that’s why.

I’m going to be changing my schedule this weekend. Not sure exactly what my hours are going to be but they’re still going to be in the evening. I’m going to be off Tuesday and Saturday nights instead of Saturday and Sunday. Once I figure it out I’ll update it probably on Sunday.

I didn’t shoot any new content yet this week but I’ve got several customs I’ve gotta do tonight ’cause I’ve been putting them off since Wednesday due to being itchy and miserable. One of them is school girl themed and will be added to Clips4Sale.

Have a lovely weekend.



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