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Holiday Deals!!!

Yes many deals to announce.  Have some other cool updates first.

Much thanks to my buddies Pauly & Dave for the gifts. I got some cash to buy the awesome light up stripper stilettos I’ve had my eye on, and a fucking awesome ice cream making ball.  That’s right, a ball that makes ice cream! I think this will be extra exciting to use on my next hippy music festival camping excursion!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

Speaking of gifts, my birthday is in exactly 7 days! Dec 22nd!! If you’d like to have a gift sent to me check out my wishlist. If you don’t see what you’d like to get me, buy me a gift card and have it emailed to me, or have me add it to my list. I sure love being spoiled!

Doing a show on Camwhores tonight in my naughty elf costume! If you haven’t seen it yet check out the holiday video I made here. Show starts at 10:30pm EST!!


To celebrate the holiday season, I’ve got some special deals going on through December 25th.

  • Purchase A Cam Show and get my naughty XXXmas pic set FREE: 16 photos of me stripping out of my naughty elf costume, and giving you a special nude holiday greeting. Amazon gift cards will be accepted as payment in addition to Alertpay.com
  • MyGirlFundBuy any two items from my profile & get my XXXmas video FREE! See the description of the video and all of my other content here.  If you have not signed up for an MGF account yet, click ‘sign up’ at the top of my profile, register for free, and send me a message with the code ‘XXXmas’! I’ll send you free nude pics!!
  • Lowered prices on Streamate!! I’ve lowered my rates on both premium and exclusive chat for a limited time to show my appreciation for a great year!!

So many many ways to celebrate the season with your favorite cam girl! Much love to all of ya!

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