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Help Me Go Backpacking!

I’ve recently gotten a huge urge to go on an overnight backpacking trip.  I’ve never been before and it’s something that I’d really like to do.  I’ve been car camping plenty of times (with way too much stuff), and I’ve been on many day hikes.  Day hiking is one of my most favorite things to do right now.  I’d like to prove to myself that I can live in the woods comfortably for a night or two and carry all my shit on my back doing it.  It’s such a great feeling for me to experience nature.  So I’ve set a goal to take my first backpacking trip in the near future.  I pretty much have no gear other than survival/first aid stuff I carry for day hikes so I’m saving and working on getting more gear together.

I’ve set a new goal on MyGirlFund to help with this so contributions are welcome.  I’ve also added a lot of gear to my wishlist.  I’d say the most important things right now would be the tent, overnight pack, sleeping bag, water filter, and camp stove.  These are pretty much the basics and I don’t have any of them. Most of them are big ticket items and if were purchased for me would get a good deal in return which could be in the way of pretty much anything that I normally offer.  Feel free to discuss this with me if you’d like to before making a purchase.  And of course if you just want to buy me a gift and expect nothing in return that’s awesome too 🙂 ANY help is appreciated even if you can’t buy one of the more pricey items. There are plenty of cheap ones on there too. I just wanted to list the basics on here.

If you’re also a fan of hiking/backpacking I welcome the conversation so feel free to message me!

Here’s a pic from one of my favorite spots to visit.



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