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I got second place in the contest all thanks to everyone who retweeted my pics. I gave out my shower video to 3 lucky winners and we had 1st AND 2nd place winners for private shows. I’m just absolutely thrilled. Thank you so much, everyone who voted. You’re the best!! I can’t wait to enter another contest, haha! Although this one really did wear me out. All that tweeting is hard work!

I made a few new friends along the way, which is always cool. Sexy Green Eyed, Dreamgirl Cindi, and Jade Parker. They all did great in the contest also (Cindi first place), and they’re all hotties!! Check them out.

Here are the last pics of the contest, one of them a special thanks 🙂

Busy Busy Busy is what I am. Will be on cam tonight between 10:30pm and 3:00am EST. Info on how to get a show here.

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Once again you guys have just been great in helping me out. Two more days left in MyPornProfile’s Pic-a-Day contest. I’m dying to know who the winner is!! It’s been so much fun. Keep retweeting those pics, guys!!

Two days ago I set a goal of 50 tweets and offered my shower video as a prize. You all surpassed that goal and @mfcpika was the lucky winner of the drawing. If we reach 50 tweets on my next two pics on either day, I will draw again for the video. That’s two more chances to win a naughty video, a chance at a 20 minute private show with your favorite cam slut (moi), and a shot at a naughty pic set. SO MANY REASONS TO RETWEET THOSE PICS!! For more details on the contest click here.

I am truly grateful for your support. I <3 my fans so much 🙂 Here are some more of this week’s sexy pics. Click on them to view them on my profile and click ‘tweet’ to vote for me!!

I’ll be camming tonight!! To find out how to purchase a show click here.

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The contestants were updated on their placing yesterday and I was in 4th!!  I’m very excited about this.  There are still 5 more days of hot pics and voting left so be sure to look out for the pictures on Twitter, and Retweet them!! The person who Retweets my pics the most will win a 20 minute private show!! If I win first place then EVERYONE who has retweeted any of the pictures for the contest will get a naughty photo set!

Here are the pics from the past few days. You can click on any of them to view them on my profile and click “tweet” to submit more votes for me!! You guys have been awesome in helping me out with this and I really appreciate it 🙂

Congrats to JohnnyCab01 & TomRMK, my two lucky followers who won the drawing for a custom pic set!!

What else is going on? Well, my seeds in my veggie garden are starting to come up. This is exciting!! It rained constantly right after they were planted and it was cold so I was worried they weren’t going to germinate. They have though, and I’ll get pics as soon as they’re cute looking seedlings. The next item on my list of fall fun shit is to go pick apples. Not date set yet, but I’m fucking ready.

Only two more episodes left of Mad Men this season. That makes me sad.

Doing a Camwhores show at 10:30pm EST, then be having the usual naughty fun on Streamate tonight. Could possibly head over to Myfreecams late in the evening. I hope so. I’ve been having fun over there. Cum see your favorite redheaded cam girl tonight!!

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Thanks again to everyone who’s helping me with MyPornProfile’s Pic-A-Day contest. Find out more about how to vote for me and WIN A 20 MINUTE PRIVATE SHOW Here!! Here are some more pics from the contest. Click on the picture to view them on my profile and click “tweet” to vote me in the contest!!

So in other news, my favorite vibrator, which is named Sinbad after one of my fans, has crapped out on me :(. It works sporadically, and that doesn’t cut it!! I need that bad boy to work all of the time!!

I’ve been wanting to get a Hitachi Magic Wand for a while now and now is the perfect time to get one. If you would like to purchase it for me, or email me an amazon gift card (roselynnlocks@gmail.com), visit my wishlist. YOU WILL RECEIVE A VIDEO OF ME USING THE HITACHI AS A THANK YOU!!

That is all for now. Come see your favorite redheaded cam girl tonight on Streamate!!

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Great Start to Contest!

I’m very pleased that everyone’s been so willing to vote for my pics for my MyPornProfile contest.  I guess it helps to have some incentive, eh?  You all are making this cam girl very happy!!

Here are the pictures that have been tweeted so far.  There are lots more hot pics!!  I wish I could share them now, I can’t wait!!  Click on the pics to see them on my profile, and click “tweet” to vote for them!! (you have to have a Twitter account for this to work)

If you haven’t participated yet, it’s not too late to start!! Find out more info on how to win a 20 minute show and a naughty pic set here.

Come see me tonight on On Her Cam. I’ll be logging on from about 10:30pm to 3am EST!!

That’s right! My last Twitter contest went so well I decided to have another. 2 OF MY NEXT 200 FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER WILL WIN A CUSTOM PIC SET FROM ME!!. All you’ve gotta do to be entered in the contest is follow me on Twitter. Sorry, current followers, no unfollowing and re-following. You can’t fool Rosie! After I’ve gotten 200 new followers I will draw names and announce the winners. Go ahead and follow me. You’ve got nothing to lose and your own personalized pics of a hot redheaded webcam girl to gain!

Also… yayyy it’s motherfucking fall!!! Very excited about autumn arriving. Did you know tonight is the harvest moon? I always feel super sexy when there’s a full moon out. Be sure to come get crazy with me tonight on Streamate. I’ll be logging on around 10:30pm EST and hanging out into the wee hours of the morning.

Lastly, I have the best fucking fans ever. I’ve gotten very close with some of you and really value our friendships. You all know how much I love music. A good online friend of mine sent me this video the other night, because he said it reminded him of me. It mentions good ‘ol Virginia in it, and I just love it. The video has sexy ladies in it too! I had never heard of this band before (surprisingly). Check it out! Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.


YouTube Preview Image

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Help Me Get A New Camera!

So my digital camera crapped out on me not too long ago, and I’m really in need of a new one.  I’ve had my eye on a particular model (Canon Powershot SX20 IS) and have it on my wishlist. I seriously need this thing like last week, so I’m turning to my fans to help me purchase it. I prefer gift cards so that I can have it shipped directly to me. Any gift card amount will get you something sexy from me. Gift cards of $60 or more will get you a 15 minute custom video OR a 30 minute Skype/Yahoo/MSN show.

With this camera I’ll be able to take better pictures for my site, and pictures in more places than my cam room. It’s a win/win!!

Help out your favorite cam girl! I’d appreciate it very very much 🙂

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Since this is more of a personal entry, I felt it appropriate to post of pic of me being my goofy self. There’s me with my favorite beer at the moment, Young’s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout. Mmmmmmm.

Okay so what’s been up with me? Well I’ve been working my hot little ass off promoting this blog and of course diddling myself live on cam for my favorite guys (can I even call that work? haha). Seriously, I’ve been busy as shit with camming stuff, but am very pleased with the results. Thank you to all my men out there 😉 I’ve updated my wishlist so check it out if you’d like to reward me for all of my hard work.

I’m super excited about the fall being right around the corner. I love the cooler weather and everything that comes with the season: pretty foliage, apples, Halloween, Thanksgiving (omg the food and the cooking!!). I have been able to find more time to cook which is awesome, because that and cleaning are like therapy for me. Oh and i have a super hot costume picked out for Halloween! I’ll definitely be wearing it on cam!

In my excitement for fall I have prepared to have an autumn veggie garden. I’ve got a spot tilled up and fertilized and will be growing kale, spinach, cabbage, collards, some lettuce and other greens, and possibly some stuff that I’m forgetting right now. I’m really looking forward to digging in the dirt!

So that’s me at the moment!

Be sure to catch my show on Camwhores tonight at 10:30pm EST. I have a show there every week. If you haven’t checked it out you really need to. All of the hot live shows are archived to view whenever you want, and there are thousands of them, along with thousands of archived pics. It’s an awesome site. I have a limited amount of free passes for membership to give away. If you’d like one let me know!

**CORRECTION** My CW show will be at 11:15 tonight 🙂

After my show I’ll be heading over to Streamate. So come see the prettiest pussy on the net!

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Typical Day On MFC

This video is absolutely hilarious.  If you’ve ever been on Myfreecams as a model or a member, you’ll get a huge kick out of this.  I have to give credit to my girl LittleJessie. She’s the one who shared this with me. Enjoy!!

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I Love Camming!!

I thought I would give you guys a little background into how I got into this and why I love it so much.

Let’s start back in 2002.  I had my first full time job, and bought my first laptop computer, and webcam.  I was living at my parents at the time and smoking A LOT of pot.  My favorite pastime was getting on yahoo chat and hanging out with my stoner buddies in the @@WEEDSMOKERZLOUNGE@@.  My, my, that was some fun shit.  Anyway we would watch each other take bong hits on cam and just view each other out of curiosity.  Naturally, the exhibitionists (which I am definitely one of) would end up showing our naughty bits to our friends for the fun of it.  I was soon told about a swinger’s site that was up and running at the time that had webcam chat.  I had a very brief stint of paid camming on that site, but was totally naïve about it at the time, ended up not getting paid.  Never logged in again, and the thought of camming for money really didn’t cross my mind again until much later.  I actually don’t have any of my old pics (wish I did).  I smashed that hard drive a long time ago!

So, fast forward to March of this year.  I took an interest in exotic dancing.  When I get interested in something, I tend to delve into it completely.  I research as much as I possibly can (obsessed is probably a good word for this?).  I found some really awesome communities online with tons of information on not only stripping, but other aspects of the adult industry as well.  This is how I was re-introduced to the world of adult web cam chat.  I’ve been no stranger to internet porn during all of this time in between, but I was more of a tube site gal, and didn’t really realize how much was out there as far as live porn cams go.  And I didn’t know that it could be such a good business to get into!  I soon decided that camming was a better fit for me (working from home, setting my own schedule), bought my cam, logged in, shook my ass, and fell in love.

Even when I started camming I thought it was going to be a temporary thing until I got up on stage at the club, but now I’m hooked.  I enjoy this job more than any other job I’ve had, EVER!  I actually enjoy working so much that I’ll do cam related things on my days off (like right now as I write this blog!).  I answer to NO ONE when it comes to my work.  I truly am I own boss.  I own my own business!  I make GREAT pay.  I have fun.  I get to masturbate on the job!  I meet AWESOME people.  I love camming so much that I would recommend it to all of my lady friends.  Being a cam girl fucking rocks!!

So that’s mah story 🙂

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