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She’s been missing for 15 days now and I have moved from the house she ran out of. She has no one to come home to. I’ve tried everything: posters, fliers, social media, checking shelters, alerts, sprinkling dry cat food on the sidewalks, pet detective consultation, trapping, a trail cam, and there has been no positive sighting of her.


At this point my best option is hiring tracking dogs to locate where she is and after an unexpected move and holidays I don’t readily have the funds to pay for this expense ($598 for travel fee and $100 per hour for the tracking). Since it’s been so long it’s extremely important to locate my kitty as she may be very dehydrated and hungry if trapped somewhere.

I’m raising $2000 to cover the tracking dogs, imminent vet costs, and some of my income lost due to spending all of this time searching for her, and I’m making it worth your while! The Bring Pussy Home Fundraiser. Buy One Get One Free on everything I have to offer when the Cash App is used for your payment/donation. And more incentives as well! The picture below gives all of the details.

Please CLICK HERE NOW to contact me and get my cash tag and donate. If you don’t expect anything in return, thank you!! However I’m happy to spoil you with BOGO items and special treats for highest donation amounts.

My sweet 12 year old kitty and I appreciate it very much.

Check out the video I’ve made about this whole saga below as well.

When we get to $1000 I’ll be doing a special free live cam show on Spankchain, and when we make the whole $2000 I’ll be doing a second live show on Myfreecams!


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P.S. Time is really of the essence here since it’s already been 15 days. I need to track my kitty and get her to safety ASAP. Please donate as soon as you can if you wish to help so that I can schedule the tracking dogs. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME NOW TO DONATE AND BE REWARDED!!!

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Camgirl Adventures In Sleep

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Want to get $5 off as many cam shows as you’d like until the end of this month?

I’m offering this discount to anyone who uses my pre-booking system and a special discount code from now until 9/30/18.  Shows can be scheduled for as far out as 10/14 but must be booked by 9/30 to receive the discount. 

you want that code don’t you?? 

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I Love SpankChain!

For over a month now I’ve been beta testing the SpankChain cam site as a model.  At least once every week I’ve been putting on goal shows and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done in my camming career.

SpankChain is a blockchain based technological and economic infrastructure for the adult industry built on Ethereum. They have their own ERC-20 token, SPANK

If you’re totally oblivious to cryptocurrency that might have sounded like jibberish to you, and I wanted it to in order to prove a point. Crypto can be fucking complicated and intimidating, however when you have the right resources, it can make total sense. That’s one of the biggest advantages I’ve gotten from SpankChain, and that’s one of their biggest goals: Educating the industry on crypto.

I found out about them when I saw that porn starlet Bobbi Dylan was on their site Crypto Titties. I wanted to try it out for myself, so I did! Cryptotitties is a site where you can get a picture of your tits listed and people can tip you ETH through it. It’s pretty great!

Here’s a video I did for Webcamstartup explaining Cryptotitties and how it works. (Forgive me, since I’ve shot the video I’ve learned that the “the log” I refer to that tracks tips is actually Etherscan which is a site that allows you to see all transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. I’m still learning too!)

YouTube Preview Image

At the time of joining Cryptotitties I had learned somehow about the upcoming cam site launch and told them that if they needed any help with the launch to let me know. Participating in beta testing and launching cam sites is actually something I quite enjoy and take advantage of as often as I can. When the time came they reached back out and I got on board for the beta!

Since then I’ve met so many awesome people on the SpankChain team as well as so many great cammodels that I didn’t know before. The members have been awesome as well. 

It’s really great to feel that you’re a part of something cutting edge that’s just beginning to develop, and that’s exactly what SpankChain is.

Check out My Show

If you’d like to see me in action on the site, I’m actually going to be live today (5/17/2018) at 9pm EST. What you can normally find in my show is gambling (roulette) amazing naked card tricks, naked bootyshaking while juggling, marker shows (yes I’ve brought marker shows back) and the usual witty banter and funky music. Come see for yourself on beta.spankchain.com. I’ll see you there!



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