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Black Friday Deals on Panties and Videos!!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!  I planned this a little late and the announcement is a little late (posted a blog on my panty site yesterday), but I’m having a Black Friday sale on my panties and pre-shot videos!! If you’re just now learning about this, don’t worry.  If you give me the code ‘Gobble Rosie’ when you contact me, I’ll honor the sale through Sunday evening.

All of my panties are only $25 for me to wear for you!  This goes for every single pair that’s in my panty store.  You can also get any 5 of the solo videos I have listed on my MyGirlFund profile for $50, and all of my fetish clips listed there are $3 each.  Payment and delivery on MyGirlFund is not necessary but certainly welcome.  You can pay me directly by another means and have the videos as downloads if you like.

It’s been a couple weeks since my last post.  Nothing really exciting has happened (I guess that’s why I haven’t posted, ha).  I’ve just been very busy with school and working.  I’ve got 3 weeks left in the semester before my winter break.  Have been busting ass on term projects and preparing for my practical exam.  It’s going to be so nice to not have to worry about school work for a while!  Plus my birthday is during break on Dec 22 (cough, cough, wishlist, cough)!  I’m getting in the Christmas spirit.  Looking forward to the rest of the holiday season.

I’ve shot some new Shakinit videos. Yummy preview of one below.  Don’t have much else to yap about.  Be sure you take advantage of my sales, because I don’t have many!

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