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A Primus Kind Of Week

So I saw Primus at the beginning of the week and it was AWESOME! It was the second time I’d seen them this year, and the first time since the new album released, and it was in my city! They played some things that I didn’t expect, some things that I did (exceptionally well), and the second set was the entire new album. I was with some great friends and had a very, very fun time. One of those things you wish you could do again right away, but you just gotta wait til the next opportunity comes along.  I’ve been thinking back to that show all week and it makes me smile.

I got over the bitterness of not being able to see Radiohead in NYC this week. They played two nights at the Roseland Ballroom. Both nights were pretty much the same as far as what they played. I was very happy to see the awesome setlist the first night. They changed it up just a little with Supercollider in one of the encores last night. I cannot stop listening to The Daily Mail. Simply amazing to me.

I need one more signup on Streamate for them to cut me a check.  This is  my main cam site and is the biggest and best out there.  If you sign up I’d be glad to give you one of my videos for free.  It’s free to sign up.  Just click here to do so, then contact me to let me know afterward and we’ll work something out!

This weekend I plan to cam tonight and Sunday night.  Get a Skype Show from me, or catch me on Streamate or AdultWork!


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