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2 Days Left To Enter! Win a Free Skype Show!

Yes! The godamned weekend is here! This week has been busy. I got the transmission in my car replaced! Yay! I can drive it around without worrying I might be stranded. Should buy me some time. I’d really like to get a new car soon.

I’m accepting entries for my free 15 minute Skype show giveaway through Sunday night. Make sure you enter it’s completely free. Visit my previous blog post for the entry form!

My plans for the weekend are kind of up in the air. I do know one thing I’ll definitely be doing is watching Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie! It doesn’t come out in theaters until March 2nd, but it’s been released on iTunes and On Demand to rent today!! I’ve been looking forward to it. Definitely worth the money.

I ordered some new panties from Victoria’s Secret yesterday for my panty store. I expect them to be here next weekend or early the following week. I can’t wait!

New content this week. Made a jerk off instruction video using a dildo to show you just how I want you to stroke your cock. Then I let you cum all over my face. You can get this on Clips4Sale, MyGirlFund, or view it along with 67 other premium videos on Shakinit.

Speaking of shaking, I learned how to make my ass clap!! I mean, I could make it clap before, but you couldn’t hear it. Ha! Now it’s a very obvious applaud. Here’s the teaser for my first ass clapping video.

Enjoy your weekend!

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